Basic Info

Challenge Accepted is a competitive WoW raiding guild on the  US-Khadgar server.  While the guild has been around and competitive for quite a while, it is now under new management and we aim to exceed  past performances.  We finished off Warlords of Draenor at US 45th and are looking to improve upon that performance.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to effectively and efficiently clear new content in a competitive time frame while operating on a 3 night a week raid schedule.


Raid Times

Our progression raid schedule is Tues/Wed/Thurs from 8PM EST until 12AM EST.  A fourth night may be added from time to time as determined necessary for a new tier head start or to finalize a boss kill for the week.  As we are billed as a 3 night guild, these are not mandatory.  These extra nights are mainly added to prevent us from falling behind guilds that don’t perform at our level who are just able to throw their faces at bosses for those extra hours every week.


As we raid on a minimal schedule compared to most of our competition, our raiders are expected to come prepared.  Research on each fight is required to be done well in advance of pulling the boss so we can make the most out of our actual raid times.  We expect our raid members to show mutual respect for each other by putting in the same amount of effort to prepare for a fight as the next guy.  Your hand will not be held here.  If you come unprepared or under perform, you will be sat for someone who is focused and ready.


If you are offered a trial spot on our raid team, you can expect the process to be anywhere between 4-6 weeks depending on a lot of different contributing factors.  If you fail your trial, you will not be kicked from the guild and be allowed to stay in as a casual rank unless your stay thus far has been too toxic.  If you pass your trial, you will then be promoted to Raider and be an active part of our raid team.

Our most reliable and consistent performers will be looked at to be promoted to Core Raider.  These members are held in high esteem by the Officer corps and are essentially the core of our raid team.  They gain the added benefit of getting to roll on the end tier mounts starting on the first kill.


The average age in the guild is about 25 years old.  The jokes are dirty and the language is colorful, so no minors please.  Thick skin is not a requirement, but is highly encouraged.  If we aren’t raiding, you can always find people in mumble playing other games or cursing about how everyone that kills them in Overwatch is botting or hacking.  We actually enjoy it here, and think you will too.


If you have any questions about the guild, feel free to add an officer’s Battle Tag to have them answer it for you.

GM: Walker#1124  Officers: RNG#1756, Rakore#1423, Fuzzles#1532


If you have any recruitment questions or website/application issues add RNG or send an email describing the problem to